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WHAT IS STATION? This question sits at the heart of the Station Trilogy. Around every corner, Marlin Hadder learns something new about the sunless city, its enigmatic creator, and its ultimate purpose. And the more he learns, Hadder realizes, the less he understands. As his journey takes him from magical city to alternate reality to nightmarish island, Marlin Hadder slowly begins to understand one universal truth - the only person he can trust is himself, a man he's moved Heaven and Hell to kill.

They were given a paradise. And filled it with nightmares.

​Albany Rott created the secret nocturnal city of Station as a second chance for a select few. Complete with an automaton servant class, extreme surgical procedures that can dramatically alter appearances, and exotic narcotics, Station was founded as a utopian world for those who had failed to cope with life’s challenges. Or at least that was the story being told.


Grief-stricken Marlin Hadder had failed to cope with life’s biggest challenge, so he killed himself. The death didn’t take, but it did earn him a bizarre invitation to the city of eternal night.


As city and man are united by unseen forces, a unique partnership is forged. Station’s alien environment is exactly what Marlin Hadder needs to overcome his loss and build a new life. Marlin Hadder’s unique convoluted disposition makes him the exact hero that Station needs to stave off its inevitable fall.


As storm clouds gather over a group of violent residents called Risers, who have abused Station’s gifts to transform themselves into killing machines, Hadder must convince a community grown complacent that they’ll have to fight for these new lives. Because third chances don’t exist.


As a shocking murder, a great duel, and a heartbreaking act set chess pieces in motion, dark truths emerge concerning the Risers’ ultimate goal and Marlin Hadder’s role as savior or destructor. 


The clock is ticking. And Station’s greatest question remains unanswered. Was Station truly founded for the reasons stated? Or are the residents mere puppets for cheap theater between gods?

ISBNs - 978-1-7342314-0-3

Under the bright neon lights, monsters have only one place to hide. Everywhere.


Viktor Krill, the only human to ever escape the city called Station, has been putting his Wakened abilities to dark use, wreaking havoc across the land. But when he grows bored of physically dominating his fellow man, Krill begins to crave more. He begins to demand true power.


Arriving in the once-thriving robotics metropolis of Bhellum, Krill discovers a city secretly festering under a veneer of neon. At the core of Bhellum’s decay is the Muck, an area rampant with warring gangsters, treacherous junkies, and a vicious mutant class. Armed with a vile bio-drug from another world, it is here that Viktor Krill decides to plant his flag after learning a sinister truth – he who controls the Muck is the true King of Bhellum.       


Hot on Krill’s trail, Marlin Hadder and Albany Rott find themselves strangers in a strange land as they finally corner the Wakened human. Unfortunately, it is not only Viktor Krill they will face, but the army he has assembled in blood, a robotic killing force, and a city full of secrets designed to protect its king.


As devil, mutant, robot, and villain all duke it out for supremacy, one thing becomes painfully clear. Not all monsters lie. Not all heroes speak the truth. And still, the mystery of Station hangs heavy over the world.

The Rott Inertia
ISBNs - 978-1-7342314-3-4

They mistook bondage for freedom. They confused horror for beauty. They worshipped a madman as God. Now they will pay the ultimate price.


Doctor Milo Flowers, now known as the New God, advances in his quest to infect a desperate world. As his influence grows and his religion spreads, his loyal followers – the Blossoms of the New God – move quickly to convert the masses and eliminate those who deny the truth of their chosen messiah.

As miracles of healing continue to take place at the Flowers Institute and its satellite Petals, the world falls increasingly under the spell of the New God, even as whispers of terrifying transformations echo across the land.

With the world prostrating itself before a false savior, a sinister plan unfolds right under the noses of the blind faithful. And when the New God’s trap is finally sprung, those who accepted his healing touch will realize that instead of receiving salvation, they surrendered something much more precious – their humanity.

Racing against time, Wakened humans Marlin Hadder and Viktor Krill form an unlikely partnership as they embark on a perilous journey to stop a familiar foe. Battling through twisted monstrosities and an elite force of Blossom savages, Hadder and Krill learn the dark truth about Doctor Flowers and his wicked designs. Aligning themselves with a band of resistance fighters and joined by some old friends, Hadder and Krill must confront the New God on his island fortress, home to a new breed of deadly nightmares.

With judgment from the cosmos approaching, the Wakened humans are faced with dire questions as the final battle threatens. Can a ragtag army defeat a self-made god? Is humanity’s fate already sealed? And how is the mystery of Albany Rott’s Station related to this lurking apocalypse?

Ill Messiah
ISBNs - 978-1-7342314-6-5
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