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Jarrett Brandon Early enjoys telling unique stories that cross genres and are hard to pin down - making the marketing of his novels a real SOB!

Before recently returning to the US, Jarrett spent almost a decade in Bangkok, Thailand, where he crafted personal stories for some of Thailand's most influential young professionals. After telling the tales of hundreds of others, he finally found himself ready to tell a story of his own - in his own voice.

Using much of what he experienced in Thailand, where stories of retreat, second chances, regret, and indulgence are found on every corner, Jarrett began to work on Station in 2019. In less than three years, the entire Station Trilogy - Station, The Rott Inertia, and Ill Messiah - was complete, marking Jarrett's first foray into serious storytelling.

Jarrett currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA with his wife Natthicha and daughter Alex Beam. His influences are varied and include Jeff VanderMeer, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, RA Salvatore, Paulo Bacigalupi, Dan Simmons, and, of course, the GOAT Frank Herbert.

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