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The Rott Inertia


Under the bright neon lights, monsters have only one place to hide. Everywhere.

Viktor Krill, the only human to ever escape the city called Station, has been putting his Wakened abilities to dark use, wreaking havoc across the land. But when he grows bored of physically dominating his fellow man, Krill begins to crave more. He begins to demand true power.


Arriving in the once-thriving robotics metropolis of Bhellum, Krill discovers a city secretly festering under a veneer of neon. At the core of Bhellum’s decay is the Muck, an area rampant with warring gangsters, treacherous junkies, and a vicious mutant class. Armed with a vile bio-drug from another world, it is here that Viktor Krill decides to plant his flag after learning a sinister truth – he who controls the Muck is the true King of Bhellum.       


Hot on Krill’s trail, Marlin Hadder and Albany Rott find themselves strangers in a strange land as they finally corner the Wakened human. Unfortunately, it is not only Viktor Krill they will face, but the army he has assembled in blood, a robotic killing force, and a city full of secrets designed to protect its king.


As devil, mutant, robot, and villain all duke it out for supremacy, one thing becomes painfully clear. Not all monsters lie. Not all heroes speak the truth. And still, the mystery of Station hangs heavy over the world.


"Strong worldbuilding and characters ground an imaginative setting, creating a powerful series opener." - Kirkus Reviews

What Others Are Saying About STATION

A great blend of Burning Man, Wizard of Oz, Hunger Games, Star Wars and Mad Max.

R.C. - Amazon Reader


A fresh new Sci-Fi thriller! Great writing style with plenty of surprises!

E.V. - Amazon Reader

Totally unexpected twists and turns. An enjoyable and imaginative read.

M.K. - Amazon Reader

THE STATION TRILOGY - Dark Contemporary Science Fiction