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The Station Trilogy



This question sits at the heart of The Station Trilogy. Around every corner, Marlin Hadder learns something new about the sunless city, its enigmatic creator, and its ultimate purpose. And the more he learns, Hadder realizes, the less he understands. As his journey takes him from magical city to alternate reality to neon metropolis to nightmarish island, Marlin Hadder slowly begins to understand one universal truth - the only person he can trust is himself, a man he's moved Heaven and Hell to kill.


Mixing elements of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and adventure, The Station Trilogy offers three distinct novels that transcend genres, taking the reader on a unique journey that entails genetic modifications, warring gangsters, vicious mutants, robotic killing forces, religious savages, and living nightmares. Take the ride, and finally learn the truth behind the world’s largest question –

"Strong worldbuilding and characters ground an imaginative setting, creating a powerful series opener." - Kirkus Reviews

What Others Are Saying About STATION

A great blend of Burning Man, Wizard of Oz, Hunger Games, Star Wars and Mad Max.

R.C. - Amazon Reader


A fresh new Sci-Fi thriller! Great writing style with plenty of surprises!

E.V. - Amazon Reader

Totally unexpected twists and turns. An enjoyable and imaginative read.

M.K. - Amazon Reader

THE STATION TRILOGY - Dark Contemporary Science Fiction
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